Home Inspection in Buford, GA

Whether you’re a home seller or buyer, getting your house inspected by a certified home inspector will allow you to leave or buy the house with ease. Customers will want to know the details about the condition of their possible new home, and sellers will need an inspection to make sure everything is set for sale. With the best home inspection in Buford, we guarantee a quick and easy inspection overall. We have been helping home buyers and seekers for over 20 years, so we are well experienced and can identify any problem easily. Our inspectors are ASHI certified, professional, and fully insured. Atlanta Property Inspections offers professional home inspection for many home styles, including condo inspections and townhome inspections. Find your home inspector in Buford from Atlanta Property Inspections today, or search for “home inspector near me” and find our phone and websites.

Home Buyers

We provide professional home inspection for resale homes, new homes, townhomes, and condos. Usually, a certified home inspector will take about 3 hours to do a detailed examination. Our primary focus will be to focus on the structural, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and appliance systems. After examination, we will inform you about what we have found and seen.
The majority of new home buyers will prefer an inspected home. While the built home has no doubt been made with the builder’s best efforts, a second pair of eyes won’t hurt. Our Buford home inspectors are also educated in this area, so they can help find faults that the builder may have overlooked. Having a new construction home inspection has proved to persuade home buyers towards purchasing the house.

Home Sellers

There are many reasons in which your home should get pre-inspected before selling it. For one, knowing your household’s faults and details will help to erase the possibility of getting stuck off-guard on a question. In general, knowing the ups and downs of your home help you gain awareness and can even allow you to gain new knowledge about the inspection process. Buyers will be looking through hundreds of homes to find the one perfectly suitable for them. Your job is to make your house stand out amongst all others and to do that, you must know everything about your home. Calling in for a home inspection in Buford will be nothing but advantageous for you. 


Home Inspectors in Buford

Along with inspection for home buyers and sellers, we accomplish inspections for unwanted intruders inside your home as well, such as termites, mold, and radon. We have partnered up with a leading pest control company that specializes in pest and termite control solutions. We offer free termite inspection for every home inspection. Times like these are when you’re grateful you found a professional home inspector in Buford. Mold is another scary unwanted intruder. It can be very dangerous for your health, leading to respiratory diseases and other health issues. Radon is also a radioactive gas that cannot be identified until being tested. ASHI certified Buford home inspectors at Atlanta Property Inspections can test for radon as part of your home inspection.

So, next time, when searching for a “home inspector near me”, remember Atlanta Property Inspections. We offer various inspection options, including a new construction home inspection, condo inspections, and townhome inspections. Remember, it is always better to know about every detail of your home so that you can stand out amongst your competitors.

Mold Inspection