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Professional Property Inspectors

Not all home inspectors are the same – some are new in the business and are inexperienced, some don’t follow Professional Standards or a Code of Ethics, and many more do not carry insurance or provide their clients with a warranty.

At Atlanta Property Inspections, we are committed to giving our clients a professional inspection experience with as much information about the home as possible. Our reports are thorough and comprehensive, easy to read and understand, and have clear recommendations on what action is necessary.

Don’t make the mistake of calling the new guys that are discounting their fees to get your business – make sure your inspector is qualified, certified, and insured.


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We take the extra time to provide you with valuable information that the other guys don’t – things like the estimated remaining life expectancy of your roof, HVAC system, water heater, and other systems.


Your inspector will provide cost-saving energy efficiency suggestions specific to your home. They’ll also discuss fire and electrical safety and any other concerns your family may need to know about.

All Certified Inspections Include

Because we go beyond typical inspectors, our inpections include the following services for FREE!


Optional Termite Inspection

We’ve partnered with one of the leading pest control companies to provide termite inspection free of charge with every home inspection. ($45 value) Learn More
Appliance Recall Report

Appliance Recall Report

You’ll know if a recall has been issued for one of the major appliances in your new home. ($35 value ) Learn More
Porch Home Assistant

Porch Home Assistant

This is a wonderful and valuable service that can help you with your move-in needs.($350 value) Learn More
90 Day Inspection Warranty

90 Day Inspection Warranty

the 90-Day Warranty covers your inspection costs for items we found to be in good working order. (up to $500 value) Learn More

Concierge Services

Includes help with hiring a mover, re-keying locks, setting up cable TV and internet, adding a security system if needed, and even helping you hang your TV. Learn More
Post Inspection Support

Post Inspection Support

Phone Support After Your Inspection Learn More


You’ve already made one big decision, which house to buy. Your next best decision is to choose Atlanta Property Inspections for your Certified Home Inspection.

We have helped home buyers for over 20 years by providing reliable information about their new home. Call experienced experts for your home inspection needs.

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Prepare your home to hit the market. Pre-inspected homes attract more attention and sell faster than others.

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After working with the Atlanta real estate community for over 20 years, we have developed a philosophy and an approach that works well for all parties. We provide one of the most comprehensive home inspection reports available. Our well written reports are easy to read and understand with clear recommendations on what action is recommended. Our report is not a quick and vague checklist report like many other inspection companies provide, which can be hard to understand.

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