Home Inspection in Duluth, GA

New homes, old homes, condos, and townhomes can all benefit from a professional home inspection. It does not matter whether you are a new homebuyer or just curious how your property is holding up. A home inspection in Duluth can tip you on potential surprise repairs, or it can give you a peace of mind you did not know you needed. When you need a home inspector in Duluth, you can call the ASHI certified ones at Atlanta Property Inspections. Our friendly representatives and Duluth home inspectors are on standby for your call. We are happy to schedule an appointment today.

New Homes Are Not Perfect!

A common, and costly, mistake that homeowners make is confuse a new house with a perfect house. Just because a house was built a month ago does not mean it was faultlessly executed. Builders and subcontractors are humans are after all. They, too, can make mistakes. A new construction home inspection is crucial because it can be the extra set of eyes to confirm everything is built to code and so forth. What better pair of eyes than a certified home inspector’s? Call Atlanta Property Inspections to save yourself from surprise repairs on a new home!

What’s That Old Home Been Through?

Old buildings carry a lot of charm, and a lot of this charm comes from their antiquity. Be careful not to get too caught up in the aesthetics though. Do you know what that old home has been through?
Before you purchase an old home, let’s make sure it has been sufficiently standing the test of time and follows local building codes and regulations. You would be surprised at the things we have witnessed. From missing plumbing pipes to illegally-built home additions, there is a lot that our Duluth home inspectors have uncovered. Call Atlanta Property Inspections to schedule your home inspection. We handle the whole gamut of home types. Condo inspections? We can do it. A townhome inspection? We can do that too!


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How Is Your Home Holding Up?

When is the last time you had your home inspected? For many people, it is years ago when they first purchased the home. A lot has likely happened since then. How is your home holding up? A professional home inspection might give you the peace of mind you did not know you needed, or it might catch a small issue at the right time! An inspection once every several years can be a great investment for the long-term health, and value, of your property.

Why Choose Atlanta Property Inspections?

We know that a web search for “home inspector near me” is going to yield customers a whole list of results. So, why choose Atlanta Property Inspections? We are a premier establishment with over 25 years of experience doing what we love. We invite you to read some of our customer reviews to see why thousands have selected Atlanta Property Inspections. We are honored to be trusted by so many. Our courteous representatives look forward to taking your call.

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