Home Inspection in Milton, GA

Looking to buy a new home in Milton, GA? Preparing to sell your property? Wondering how your building is holding up? Call Atlanta Property Inspections to have those questions and concerns answered with a professional home inspection. We are a premier establishment with ASHI-certified inspectors who are prepared to perform a new construction home inspection, existing home inspection, townhome inspection, and even condo inspections. Enjoy a peace of mind knowing your home, or home-to-be has passed a home inspection in Milton. Call Atlanta Property Inspections to consult with a representative and schedule your convenient appointment today. We look forward to taking your call.

For New Homebuyers

Buying a new home is an exciting milestone, and we congratulate you on this big step! Before you sign the dotted line, however, we want to make sure the property is just as you imagine it. You might love the paint, the garden, and that beautiful fireplace, but have you taken a look “under the hood?”
If you are looking into spending hundreds of thousands of dollars or taking on debt to buy a home, then it’s worth spending some time to make sure the investment is sound. The last thing you want is some surprise repair costs once you have moved everything in. We have seen everything from improvised electrical work to missing plumbing pipes! Call now to schedule an appointment with a home inspector in Milton today.


Home Inspectors in Milton

Looking to Sell Your Home?

The housing market is scorching hot with prices up double digits in many cities. If you are looking to sell your home, then why not sweeten the deal to attract serious homebuyers? Imagine the surprise on a potential buyer’s face when you present the results of a successful home inspection in Milton. This can be a great piece of leverage during the price negotiations and pay for itself! Call Atlanta Property Inspections to have a certified home inspector assigned to your property today.

For Existing Homeowners

You do not have to be buying or selling a home to benefit from a professional home inspection. Why not learn about your building’s condition for the sake of knowing what’s going on? A lot may have changed since you purchased the home. Termites could have moved in, water damage could be eating away at support beams, and electrical wiring could be damaged. The peace of mind from knowing your property is free of hazards is priceless. Call Atlanta Property Inspections to learn how a home inspection can benefit you.

Why Choose Atlanta Property Inspections?

A quick search of the web for “home inspector near me” might give you a long list of results, but are they reliable? Do they have over 25 years of industry experience? Do they offer a buyer protection plan and warranties on the inspections? Are their Milton home inspectors nationally certified?
Atlanta Property Inspections is proud to be a reputable, award-winning company with a quarter-century of industry experience and heritage. We are so confident in our certified home inspectors that we offer a warranty with every inspection. Call Atlanta Property Inspections to learn why thousands choose us!