Termite Inspection

We’ve partnered with one of the leading pest control companies, Northwest Exterminators, to provide…

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Mold Testing

Mold is another scary threat to your family’s safety. No one wants to buy a house with a mold problem.…

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Radon Testing

You have probably heard of termite testing for homes, but do you know the importance of a radon inspection?…

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Thorough knowledge of items addressed in report. Home inspector was able to communicate any issues found with buyer and help explain the different items and their severity.

Sean Heenan
Roswell, GA

I called several companies for quotes, and I felt that Atlanta Property Inspections was the most welcoming!  Thereafter, I had a wonderful experience at the inspection. My inspector was thorough, kind, and willing to explain things and answer my questions on site.  He was very knowledgeable and very friendly.  I am glad I did not skip the inspection for this 950 square foot condo, and the review has been very helpful, during my due diligence period in evaluating this potential home.

Norma Reynolds
Milton, GA

I have hired this company doing inspection on the property that I was planning to purchase in Georgia. I’ve live in California when this was done. Frank Cooper and his team did a great job of inspection and giving me with every details. I really appreciate the advice and the report. Thank you

Joel Ou
Cumming, GA

Dustin is VERY Detailed Oriented and found items and suggestions on the home that I would have never thought of, the report provided very good insight on how to move forward with the sale of the home!  The staff at API was great to work with!

Ryan Heard
Sandy Springs, GA

Atlanta Property Inspections came to do a pre-purchasing inspection on a home my husband and  I plan to buy! We had a very short due diligence period, but that was no issue for these guys. They fit us in their schedule on very short notice and were such a pleasure to work with. Cary and Riley came to do the inspection and did a fantastic job walking us through the inspection to let us know what they found, and suggestions on how to fix all of the issues! Shout out to Cary, for answering all of our questions and having such a great personality! We truly appreciate you guys taking the time to help us through such a very stressful time. We HIGHLY recommend this company!

Emily Kerns
Atlanta, GA

Have used Atlanta Property Inspections several times for my buyers.  Their team is always very thorough and educational for the new home owners.  Much information is shared about past/current codes, potential issues and how to have the issues repaired.  I will continue to use Atlanta Property Inspectors for future inspections, and my clients have been very happy with their services as well!

Michael Crawford
Sandy Springs, GA

Dustin was very knowledgeable and friendly and made my client feel confident in his explanations.  He was quick to point out the positives of the home he was inspecting.  His report was delivered within 18 hours of the inspection and had plenty of photos and very easy explanations in laymen's terms. I highly recommend Atlanta Property Inspections.

Teresa Smith
Brookhaven, GA

Atlanta Property Inspections, Inc. was referred to us by our realtor for our home inspection. Our inspector was Cary Cooper. He really took the time to answer all of our questions about his findings. We didn't feel rushed or that any question was too silly. He gave us peace of mind with a few of our concerns and was honest, even if we weren't to thrilled with the news. Overall, it was a great experience and we would definitely use (and refer)  Atlanta Property Inspections, Inc. in the future for any inspection needs.

Anna Avitia
Johns Creek, GA

My client used the company for their home inspection during their due diligence period. Jeremy and his partner were very kind and accommodating with answering questions. The report was very thorough and I like that they also note positive things about the homes in their report as well and not just what's wrong with the house. You can read the good and the bad.

Crystal Bream
Suwanee, GA

I would like to recommend Brandon for his excellent job during the inspection. He is very professional, thorough and is an expert in his field. I enjoyed his partnership during inspection, the knowledge he shared of the risks of certain issues was incredible. I am very glad that he inspected the house for us and wishing him more success in future.

Ravi Kumar
Atlanta, GA

19 2024

Home Inspection of Hot Water Boilers

It is a common misconception to think that water heaters and water boilers are the same because both, after all, heat the water. Despite having similar functions, a boiler and a water heater heat water in different ways. Just as it’s crucial for our water heaters to be examined regularly, water boilers should also be inspected regularly by professional home inspectors in order to ensure they are working properly. This is also important if you are thinking of buying a house with a boiler because it will be a part of your home inspection list.

How Does A Boiler Work?

The water heater solely heats the water, just as the name suggests. We use water heaters for our daily jobs like showering, cooking, and cleaning. Most of the time, water heaters come in two options: conventional and tankless. Conventional water heaters have a tank that heats water at all times, while tankless ones don’t have a large tank and instead, can heat the water instantly when it’s needed. The water heater gives the warm water to the place where it's needed with the help of the pipes. However, the system of a boiler is a bit different. By comparison, hot water boilers produce steam in addition to boiling water. Heat may be transferred effectively with steam, and this can be very useful for heating a home. In contrast to a water heater, boilers function in a closed-loop system. So, when steam is produced once, it doesn’t need to keep producing steam from fresh water. Water from the boiler is used, and a combustion chamber heats this water, and steam is produced as a result. When the steam warms the house and cools down after a while, it doesn’t require much energy to start warming again because the boiler's water is already hot.

Location of the Boiler

You'd be shocked at how many people move into a new property and realize they don't know where to find the boiler. If you are considering buying a house with a boiler, please ask the homeowner or the home inspector to show you where the boiler is. Because unlike water heaters, a boiler can be found anywhere in the house, and you should know the location in case you need access to it during an emergency.

Model and Manufacturer

Your home inspector will also inspect the boiler’s model and manufacturer because it can give a lot of hints about the boiler's age and quality. Knowing the boiler's make and model in advance is important since you may need it for an insurance company or would like to change the boiler after some time. The details will be inspected and taken into note by your home inspector.

Safety Records

Every boiler should have an annual inspection and service; therefore, the seller should be able to provide a copy of the boiler's comprehensive gas safety record, so you will know whether it passed all necessary safety inspections in the near past. This record will also be inspected and interpreted by your home inspector in Marietta if it’s provided.

Reliable Home Inspection Services

You can avoid future home problems by having a professional property inspection. After thoroughly inspecting every room and aspect of your house, our committed home inspectors at Atlanta Property Inspection will let you know about the situation of your home or the house you’re intending to buy. To find out more about us, please get in contact with us right away.