Mold Inspection in Alpharetta, GA

Have you searched the internet for a dependable "mold inspector near me"? Whether you're certain mold is growing in your home, or you simply want to be thorough before placing your property on the market, our team is ready to help you improve the safety of your home or commercial building. The specialists at Atlanta Property Inspection enjoy providing quality services for local property owners, including mold sampling and mold testing in Alpharetta, Georgia and surrounding metro area communities. So, if you suspect that mold may be putting your investments in harm's way, speak with our team today and find out how a professional mold inspection in Alpharetta, GA, can help you achieve reliable results.

Signs You Might Have Mold Growing Inside Your Home

Mold can sometimes be highly visible. Other times, it can hide in dark and damp locations. While the first kind of mold growth is usually taken care of quickly, hidden mold spores can continue to spread for years undetected. However, there are a few warning signs that property owners can watch out for. If you notice one or more of the following symptoms, then it's time to call a home inspector who can perform a mold test:

  • Water Damage
  • Spots on Clothing and Blankets
  • Mildew Smells
  • Discoloration on Carpets
  • Fungal Growth in Furniture
  • Warped Drywall

Also, if someone in your home is suffering from sinus headaches, wheezing, watery eyes, persistent itching, or allergy flare-ups, then this can also indicate that mold is present in large amounts.


The Importance of Reliable Mold Testing in Alpharetta, Georgia

Mold growth can cause a lot of issues for property owners. Some commonly found varieties can be very toxic, contributing to neurological damage and even fatalities if exposed for long periods of time. Even non-toxic mold species can still create illness and discomfort due to allergies, respiratory issues, and low indoor air quality. Mold testing in Alpharetta is the only way to discover mold in areas that are hidden in hard-to-find areas like your flooring, drywall, and attic.

Common Types of Mold Sampling in Alpharetta, Georgia

Mold samples can be taken in a variety of ways, depending on the circumstances. Air sampling is common in areas where there aren't visible signs of mold, but there may be spores present due to hidden mold growth. Carpet cassettes can also be taken to determine if there is mold, pollen, or other allergens inside the sample. In properties with visible mold, swabs can be taken to determine which variety of mold it is.

Why Invest in a Professional Mold Inspection in Alpharetta?

Handling mold can be dangerous, particularly for those who have allergies or compromised immune systems. Also, the process of taking the mold sample can be complicated. Mistakes made while taking the samples could negatively affect the results from the lab. If you want to ensure that your mold test is performed successfully, it's best to hire a trained professional. The team at Atlanta Property Inspectors has extensive experience handling a variety of mold samples, so you can ensure that your testing will be completed correctly.

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