Mold Inspection in Suwanee, GA

You might not notice it, but mold spores are practically everywhere and nearly impossible to avoid. However, when those spores get indoors and drop on places with excess moisture, they can become a big problem quickly. Worse, mold can grow in cracks and crevices where you would not think to check. This is why periodic mold inspection is so important. A professional mold inspection in Suwanee by Atlanta Property Inspection can end up saving you tons of money and protect your health. If you are concerned about mold growth or you just want a peace of mind, then call Atlanta Property Inspection to schedule a convenient appointment today.

The Dangers of Mold

If you have ever seen mold growing indoors, then you know it is visually repugnant at best. The consequences of mold go further than aesthetics though. Mold can smell terrible and is harmful to your health. Mold has the potential to cause health problems as it produces allergens and irritants. Symptoms include sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, and skin rash. Mold can also irritate the nose, throat, and lungs. Health risks are especially high for people with asthma and allergies.

Mold can also damage your property as it naturally feeds on building materials such as wood, wallpaper, drywall, carpet, fabrics, and even glue. If ignored, mold growth can collapse ceilings, walls, and floorboards.


Mold Testing in Suwanee, GA

You Cannot Get Rid of It All

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but completely eliminating mold spores is practically impossible. Therefore, your goal should be to reduce the risk of mold growth, and this can be done by controlling humidity levels and moisture in the building. Common ways to go about this include:

  • Ventilating bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, basements, and other moisture-prone areas.
  • Utilizing air conditioners and dehumidifiers.
  • Installing and using exhaust fans when cooking, cleaning, and dishwashing.
  • Drying wet surfaces such as countertops and floors as soon as possible.
  • Closing windows when it’s raining.
  • Repairing leaky roofs, windows, and plumbing pipes without delay.

In short, you want to get humidity levels to between 30 and 60 percent. Humidity levels can change throughout the day so check levels often if you are worried about mold growth.

Testing and Sampling Is Crucial

Mold sampling or mold testing in Suwanee is crucial, especially if you are a business owner. We recommend homeowners and business owners schedule professional mold testing or mold sampling in Suwanee at least once every couple of years. This does not mean you can leave everything to the professionals though. Keep your eyes, and nose, peeled for signs of mold growth so you can nip the issue in the bud. Our inspectors are happy to show you common signs as they perform their inspection.

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Mold is nothing to take lightly. If you are concerned about mold growth in your property, then call Atlanta Property Inspection to schedule a convenient appointment today. Our friendly representatives are happy to take your call any time.