Termite Inspection

We’ve partnered with one of the leading pest control companies, Northwest Exterminators, to provide…

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Mold Testing

Mold is another scary threat to your family’s safety. No one wants to buy a house with a mold problem.…

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Radon Testing

You have probably heard of termite testing for homes, but do you know the importance of a radon inspection?…

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Dustin was absolutely amazing. He did such a thorough job and was super friendly and helpful in explaining everything to me as a first-time homeowner. Highly recommend this company! Very timely and professional throughout the entire process as well!

Laura Leap
Buckhead, GA

This was my first experience with Atlanta Property Inspections. Alex Sozonov was my inspector. Very oriented details and willing to explained all questions with professional knowledge. Report came into my email box late night. Clearly, it has been covered all details. Plus, show up on time.

Peter Miller
Alpharetta, GA

My client used the company for their home inspection during their due diligence period. Jeremy and his partner were very kind and accommodating with answering questions. The report was very thorough and I like that they also note positive things about the homes in their report as well and not just what's wrong with the house. You can read the good and the bad.

Crystal Bream
Suwanee, GA

Thorough knowledge of items addressed in report. Home inspector was able to communicate any issues found with buyer and help explain the different items and their severity.

Sean Heenan
Roswell, GA

Dustin was very knowledgeable and friendly and made my client feel confident in his explanations.  He was quick to point out the positives of the home he was inspecting.  His report was delivered within 18 hours of the inspection and had plenty of photos and very easy explanations in laymen's terms. I highly recommend Atlanta Property Inspections.

Teresa Smith
Brookhaven, GA

We are relocating from out of state and we were in need of an inspection with a very tight turn around. We received incredibly thorough reporting and an availability to answer questions quickly. Cary Cooper’s professional and expert insight saved us from a potential health hazard. I would very much recommend Atlanta Property Inspection for any of your inspection needs!

Seema Terry
Roswell, GA

This was our first experience with Atlanta Property Inspections, Frank Cooper was the lead inspector and he was inspecting a new construction one bedroom plus den in Alpharetta for a buyer client of ours. The inspection report was both detailed and comprehensive. We have tried out a few premium home inspection companies over the past year, looking for a good additional inspection resource, and based on our experience with Frank Cooper, I think we have found it.

Julian Rather
Woodstock, GA

I have hired this company doing inspection on the property that I was planning to purchase in Georgia. I’ve live in California when this was done. Frank Cooper and his team did a great job of inspection and giving me with every details. I really appreciate the advice and the report. Thank you

Joel Ou
Cumming, GA

I called several companies for quotes, and I felt that Atlanta Property Inspections was the most welcoming!  Thereafter, I had a wonderful experience at the inspection. My inspector was thorough, kind, and willing to explain things and answer my questions on site.  He was very knowledgeable and very friendly.  I am glad I did not skip the inspection for this 950 square foot condo, and the review has been very helpful, during my due diligence period in evaluating this potential home.

Norma Reynolds
Milton, GA

Atlanta Property Inspections, Inc. was referred to us by our realtor for our home inspection. Our inspector was Cary Cooper. He really took the time to answer all of our questions about his findings. We didn't feel rushed or that any question was too silly. He gave us peace of mind with a few of our concerns and was honest, even if we weren't to thrilled with the news. Overall, it was a great experience and we would definitely use (and refer)  Atlanta Property Inspections, Inc. in the future for any inspection needs.

Anna Avitia
Johns Creek, GA

23 2022

Childproofing Your Home

Unfortunately, a significant number of children are injured every year due to preventable home accidents. They are curious due to their age and nature, so they can quickly put themselves in relatively dangerous situations. Since our children are our most valuable treasures, we prepared this guide to provide you with some tips on making your home a safer place for your children.

  • Medications

Many babies and toddlers like to put small objects into their mouths. Especially if these objects are colorful, they get more attraction from toddlers. Children who may want to eat the pills can confuse many medications with candy. Since this action can be highly toxic and dangerous for them, you should keep all your medications in a cabinet and lock them, so your child doesn’t have access to them.

  • Attachment of Furniture

Children like to shake various types of furniture, and if oversized items like a wardrobe or a cabinet aren’t mounted to the wall, this creates the risk of falls. So, always ensure the complete attachment of large furniture pieces to prevent falls.

  • Safety Latches

Kitchen drawers tend to store a lot of items. Some common ones are spoons, knives, forks, and cabinets in which many people put their detergent for the washing machine. It would help if you used safety latches to prevent these toxic and sharp materials from harming the kids.

  • As soon as your child can walk, installing safety gates is a wise option.

  • Outlets

Electrocution is a big issue for many homeowners. Since many kids are familiar with the concept of electricity, they can easily electrocute themselves by putting their hands or metal items inside the outlets. To prevent this, you can buy covers for your outlets or install safety switches.

  • Always place different barriers wherever there is a heating source, like a fireplace.

This already goes without saying; any place that has direct contact with the heat or the fire should be covered with barriers.

  • If the electrical cords of your devices are worn out, change them.

  • Install or replace your smoke detectors.

  • Corner covers for the sharp surfaces in your house.

Many kids tend to injure themselves by hitting the sharp edges of various furniture and surfaces. As a result, you should cover the corners of these places.

  • Guards on Windows

Falls are a common hazard for kids. When they see open windows, they may try to throw themselves and end up seriously harmed. So, it’s crucial to put guards on the windows.

  • If you have water containers, you should drain them to avoid drowning.

  • Always keep a first aid kit in your house.

A Safer Environment

This article has tried to provide a glimpse of a safer home for your children. However, the opinion of a professional is always the safest method. You can call the home inspectors of Atlanta Property Inspection for any questions about your home. Our professionals can make a home inspection and will guide you on how to childproof your home. Call us today to learn more about our services!