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This was our first experience with Atlanta Property Inspections, Frank Cooper was the lead inspector and he was inspecting a new construction one bedroom plus den in Alpharetta for a buyer client of ours. The inspection report was both detailed and comprehensive. We have tried out a few premium home inspection companies over the past year, looking for a good additional inspection resource, and based on our experience with Frank Cooper, I think we have found it.

Julian Rather
Woodstock, GA

This was my first experience with Atlanta Property Inspections. Alex Sozonov was my inspector. Very oriented details and willing to explained all questions with professional knowledge. Report came into my email box late night. Clearly, it has been covered all details. Plus, show up on time.

Peter Miller
Alpharetta, GA

Atlanta property inspections gave me a very competitor quote and stuck to it for final pricing. They were able to get someone out to do the inspection so quickly. Frank and James were very thorough and helpful during the process they encouraged me to look at what they found, the good and bad, so I knew exactly what I am buying.  I couldn't have asked for a better inspection experience!

Erin Medford
Alpharetta, GA

Jeremy was the best to work with! He was on time,  very thorough in his explanations of his findings, and took time with my clients to make sure he answered all of their questions. He was detailed, and provided follow up when we needed additional questions answered. He went above and beyond! Best, quality, customer service I’ve seen in a long time! I’ll recommend him and Atlanta Property Inspections every time!

Nikki Bowen
Marietta, GA

My client used the company for their home inspection during their due diligence period. Jeremy and his partner were very kind and accommodating with answering questions. The report was very thorough and I like that they also note positive things about the homes in their report as well and not just what's wrong with the house. You can read the good and the bad.

Crystal Bream
Suwanee, GA

WOW! I can't even make this story up. In this very crazy market (June 2021) it seemingly takes 2 week closing (sometimes with *0* days due diligence!) to purchase a home. Anyway, Frank came recommended by another very reputable inspector, and I was fortunate he came!! The home we were looking at for my mother was a 1975 build and within 1 hour of the inspector being there a FIRE from an electrical panel broke out! Frank contained the fire, and was SO calm, had his team address the matter, was in touch with the agent and homeowner. He said in over 20+ years of him inspecting homes nothing like this had ever happened. Anyway the inspection was VERY thorough and Frank handled all matters very professionally. We will be working with Frank and his team on any home inspections in the future. I highly recommend!

Brigitte Chloe
Dunwoody, GA

I have hired this company doing inspection on the property that I was planning to purchase in Georgia. I’ve live in California when this was done. Frank Cooper and his team did a great job of inspection and giving me with every details. I really appreciate the advice and the report. Thank you

Joel Ou
Cumming, GA

Thorough knowledge of items addressed in report. Home inspector was able to communicate any issues found with buyer and help explain the different items and their severity.

Sean Heenan
Roswell, GA

Dustin is VERY Detailed Oriented and found items and suggestions on the home that I would have never thought of, the report provided very good insight on how to move forward with the sale of the home!  The staff at API was great to work with!

Ryan Heard
Sandy Springs, GA

Atlanta Property Inspections came to do a pre-purchasing inspection on a home my husband and  I plan to buy! We had a very short due diligence period, but that was no issue for these guys. They fit us in their schedule on very short notice and were such a pleasure to work with. Cary and Riley came to do the inspection and did a fantastic job walking us through the inspection to let us know what they found, and suggestions on how to fix all of the issues! Shout out to Cary, for answering all of our questions and having such a great personality! We truly appreciate you guys taking the time to help us through such a very stressful time. We HIGHLY recommend this company!

Emily Kerns
Atlanta, GA

08 2024

What Should a Buyer Do During the Home Inspection?

As a buyer, getting a home inspection can provide so many benefits. If you have planned a home inspection, you must know what to do during the process. To guide you through these complicated steps, we have gathered some information. Throughout this article, we will go through the tips for buyers to get a clear home inspection, the parts of the house that are checked, and how Atlanta Property Inspection is checked.

Tips For Buyers to Get A Clear Home Inspection

As a buyer, to get a clear report on the inspection of your potentially new house, you must make sure to follow a few tips. Let’s go over them in this section:

  1. Ensure all utilities are turned on and the environment is suitable for the inspector to easily reach and have clear access to the necessary systems. These systems include but are not limited to water heaters, electrical outlets, AC units, and many more.
  2. Have a checklist of where the inspector has inspected. Taking notes in the process will allow you to review them later on and understand if the house has any significant issues. You can also ask for the inspector to check a few other systems they may have missed in the house.
  3. Listen to the inspector’s feedback. It is recommended for homeowners to ask any questions that they may have in their mind during a home inspection. An inspector will look to see if any structural issues need repairing in the future and provide feedback to potential homeowners.
  4. Before any inspection, arrive on time and be ready to be given feedback. You can also ask questions about the maintenance of your house's systems.

What Part of the House Is Checked?

The places that are checked in a house can vary according to state laws or the inspection company. However, in this section, we will go over some common systems that many home inspectors check.

  • Basement: The basement is checked to see if any moisture causes mold growth and whether the sump pump works properly.
  • Bathrooms: Bathrooms are checked to see if toilets are flushed properly and showers are drained smoothly.
  • Kitchen: Do the garbage disposal and exhaust fan vents work?
  • Electrical Systems: Is the wiring in good condition? Do all the lights in all rooms work properly, and are there any exposed electrical splices? These are some common questions to ask during electrical system inspection.
  • Heating and Cooling Systems: The AC unit is checked to ensure it operates well and has clean filters.
  • Plumbing System: The plumbing system is checked to see if visible pipes have any damage and if the water pressure is within the normal range.

Atlanta Property Inspection

If you are looking to get a home inspection as a buyer, you need to contact an experienced service that can help. At Atlanta Property Inspection, we are dedicated to providing quality services to our customers. Call us today to learn more about us and our services.