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Atlanta Property Inspections came to do a pre-purchasing inspection on a home my husband and  I plan to buy! We had a very short due diligence period, but that was no issue for these guys. They fit us in their schedule on very short notice and were such a pleasure to work with. Cary and Riley came to do the inspection and did a fantastic job walking us through the inspection to let us know what they found, and suggestions on how to fix all of the issues! Shout out to Cary, for answering all of our questions and having such a great personality! We truly appreciate you guys taking the time to help us through such a very stressful time. We HIGHLY recommend this company!

Emily Kerns
Atlanta, GA

I called several companies for quotes, and I felt that Atlanta Property Inspections was the most welcoming!  Thereafter, I had a wonderful experience at the inspection. My inspector was thorough, kind, and willing to explain things and answer my questions on site.  He was very knowledgeable and very friendly.  I am glad I did not skip the inspection for this 950 square foot condo, and the review has been very helpful, during my due diligence period in evaluating this potential home.

Norma Reynolds
Milton, GA

I would like to recommend Brandon for his excellent job during the inspection. He is very professional, thorough and is an expert in his field. I enjoyed his partnership during inspection, the knowledge he shared of the risks of certain issues was incredible. I am very glad that he inspected the house for us and wishing him more success in future.

Ravi Kumar
Atlanta, GA

The inspector was really thorough and was patient in explaining to me what he was observing. He showed me where the shutoff valve was for the water and gave recommendations on various things. The report that was provided made sense and pictures were taken of some things that were found. The inspector was also very personable which put me at ease about asking questions. Thank you, Alex and Atlanta Property Inspections!

Dierra Morrow
Lawrenceville, GA

This was my first experience with Atlanta Property Inspections. Alex Sozonov was my inspector. Very oriented details and willing to explained all questions with professional knowledge. Report came into my email box late night. Clearly, it has been covered all details. Plus, show up on time.

Peter Miller
Alpharetta, GA

Frank Cooper and his team from Atlanta Property Inspections, Inc were excellent! They arrived on time  and thoroughly inspected all areas of the property I was considering renting. They found things that needed to be repaired by the landlord before we signed the lease. Frank reviewed his findings with us. He explained all of his concerns, and he patiently answered all of our questions. Then the next day I received a very detailed report that included several pictures and detailed explanations. If you want a kind, knowledgeable, and thorough inspector, don’t hesitate to call Frank Cooper with Atlanta Property. I would highly recommend him! Truly a 5 star company!

Janet Quick
Roswell, GA

Jeremy was the best to work with! He was on time,  very thorough in his explanations of his findings, and took time with my clients to make sure he answered all of their questions. He was detailed, and provided follow up when we needed additional questions answered. He went above and beyond! Best, quality, customer service I’ve seen in a long time! I’ll recommend him and Atlanta Property Inspections every time!

Nikki Bowen
Marietta, GA

Atlanta Property Inspections, Inc. was referred to us by our realtor for our home inspection. Our inspector was Cary Cooper. He really took the time to answer all of our questions about his findings. We didn't feel rushed or that any question was too silly. He gave us peace of mind with a few of our concerns and was honest, even if we weren't to thrilled with the news. Overall, it was a great experience and we would definitely use (and refer)  Atlanta Property Inspections, Inc. in the future for any inspection needs.

Anna Avitia
Johns Creek, GA

Dustin is VERY Detailed Oriented and found items and suggestions on the home that I would have never thought of, the report provided very good insight on how to move forward with the sale of the home!  The staff at API was great to work with!

Ryan Heard
Sandy Springs, GA

I have hired this company doing inspection on the property that I was planning to purchase in Georgia. I’ve live in California when this was done. Frank Cooper and his team did a great job of inspection and giving me with every details. I really appreciate the advice and the report. Thank you

Joel Ou
Cumming, GA

29 2023

DIY Tips to Protect Your Home from Termites

Termites are small creatures, but their impact on our lives is big. You may not believe them to be as big of a deal, but thousands of people whose homes are eaten by termites would disagree. Fortunately, you can take certain preventive measures to avoid termite infestations, and in this article, we will go over some of these.

Repair Leaky Gutters And Pipes

To survive, termites need damp areas. So, the perfect place for them to exist in your home is anywhere affected by a leak. When there’s a moist area in your home due to the leak, termites slowly start building colonies and then start to eat your house away. So, one of the best ways to eliminate them and prevent their growth in the first place is by getting rid of a suitable environment for them to live in. So, if you ensure that your home’s pipes are leak-free and maintain your gutters, it will help; it’s even going to prevent the mold from growing, which will throw two strikes with one pitch.

Keep Landscaping Away From Your House

Don’t we all love the look of a well-maintained garden? It increases the home's curb appeal and gives us great joy to look at. However, it can also draw termites because of all the vegetation they can reside in. So, we advise the homeowners to make a clear zone between the home and the landscaping project. This way, your garden will look pretty while protecting you from the infamous invasion of termites.

Check Your Wood Items

Termites simply adore wood and other wood-like materials such as paper or cardboard. So, having plenty of these things in your home puts you at a higher risk of termite invasion. So, try to store the wood-like materials off the ground as much as possible, and inspect all the wooden furniture and material in your home regularly to see if there are any signs of termites. Suppose you can try to store the extra wooden items you don’t use regularly away from the house.

Provide Sufficient Airflow

Fresh air has many benefits and treats many problems in our homes; the same goes for termites. To prevent termite infestations, maintaining proper airflow regularly daily is essential. That’s because when there’s limited air circulation, the humidity inside the house can accumulate in especially wooden areas of the house and creates a great environment for termites. Sufficient airflow prevents that.

Work With Professionals

If you are planning a home renovation project, work with a reputable company that can prevent and handle termite infestation. These types of projects make your home very susceptible to termites. So, hiring someone with sufficient knowledge is critical, don’t skip this step.

Do You Need Termite Inspection?

Termites harm our homes more than you can ever think. If you are suspicious of a termite infestation and don’t know where to start or want to do a routine home inspection to see if everything is alright with your home, call the professional home inspectors of Atlanta Property Inspection. With our experience in the area, knowledge, and latest tools, our home inspectors are ready to perform termite inspections in Atlanta. Call us today to learn more.